Dennis Veterinary Hospital


Wellness Visits -- Wellness visits are routine medical examinations of an apparently healthy patient, as opposed to an examination of a patient that is ill.  These visits may also be called a 'check-up' or a 'physical examination' and are usually done annually. The focus of a wellness visit is to maintain optimal health. This is also the time that Dr. Neese can answer any questions for you and you can discuss any concerns you might have regarding giving your pet the care that they deserve.

Immunizations -- There are many vaccinations available for dogs and cats. Some are given every year and some are given every 3 years. Dr. Neese will determine the vaccinations required for your pet based on your pet’s lifestyle. Rabies vaccination is required by law and dictated by the State of Massachusetts. This is true for both cats and dogs regardless of their lifestyle.

Dental Cleanings and Extractions -- At a Wellness visit, Dr. Neese may recommend a dental cleaning for your dog or cat. Periodontal disease is present in a very high number of dogs and cats over the age of 2. Regular cleanings ensure a healthy mouth for your pets. We offer a dental special every February which will help save you money.

Diagnostic Services --We have in-house diagnostic capabilities as well as services offered by Idexx Laboratories.

Emergency Care -- We offer Emergency service during our regular office hours.  It is always advisable to call first (508-385-8323) to let us know you are on your way.  Should you pet have an emergency after hours we refer our emergencies to Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists (CCVS), a 24 hour Emergency Hospital. CCVS locations are in Dennis and in Buzzards Bay.

Surgeries -- Dennis Veterinary Hospital is capable of performing a wide range of surgical procedures. We recommend our orthopedic surgery patients to Dr. Beaver and Dr. Kochin.

House Calls -- We encourage house call visits for end of life decision . House calls can also be arranged for other reasons, but require advanced approval.

Grooming and Bathing -- We offer medicated bathing for dogs and cats. We offer shakedowns and brush outs for dogs and cats under anesthesia. Traditional grooming should be done with a professional groomer.

Cat Boarding -- We can comfortably accommodate your feline companion here at Dennis Veterinary Hospital. Feline boarding guests are fed the same diet you feed at home (you can bring your own or we have several of the Hills Science diet formulas here. We can also provide prescription food if a pet is on a restricted diet). Reservations for boarding are required. At this time, our boarding facility is only available to our clients. We do not board cats that are not patients at our hospital. We do not provide boarding for dogs at this time.

Kitty Adoption -- We work closely with a no-kill rescue organization, known as NESAA (New England Society for Abandoned Animals). This relationship enables us to find homes for cats and kittens, many of whom have special needs. If you or someone you know would make a forever home for a special needs furry friend, please let us know.